Membership Information


VIFPA offers two types of memberships. Voting and non voting.


Participating Voting Membership

Participating members are companies that are directly involved in the sales, installation, verification and/or service of fire protection equipment. Each company is entitled to one vote at meetings and one proxy vote for another absent voting member. 


Associate Non Voting Membership

Associate members can be any other type of organization or individual that participates or is connected to the life safety field. Associate members may attend and contribute at meetings, but do not hold voting status. This type of membership may be appealing to those involved in the engineering, contracting, consulting, inspection, insurance, property management, education and other fields related to fire protection.


Membership applications must be approved by the membership committee appointed by the VIFPA board of directors.


New Member Information


We understand that new members may not currently perform all fire alarm procedures in complete compliance with the BC Fire Code. One of the purposes of this association is to assist companies to become compliant. It is our goal that by becoming a member of VIFPA, companies can learn to adopt the requirements of the BC Fire Code in all aspects including the installation, verification, inspection and documentation of fire alarm systems.


The desire to become compliant by joining VIFPA is the first step.



Membership Benefits


Participating Members


-Participate in creating Association Policies

-Liaison with Authorities Having Jurisdiction

-Learn Verification and Periodic Inspection Procedures

-Learn Verification and Periodic Inspection Reporting Requirements

-Learn about Municipal Policies and Permitting Requirements

-Participate in technical training programs

-Collaborate and cooperate with fellow service providers

-Participate in customer awareness programs

-Participate in AHJ awareness programs

-Join with Association members to communicate with united industry opinions


Associate Members


-Learn about installation procedures

-Learn about engineering, permitting and documentation requirements

-Collaborate and cooperate with service providers

-Participate in training programs