Providing life safety support & education to industry stakeholders to encourage adherence to the BC Building & Fire Codes and professionalism within all sectors.

Mission statement of the Vancouver Island Fire Protection Association

Our goals are to educate and inform industry stakeholder, including electricians & installers; service technicians; engineers; building owners, property managers, and agents; building, electrical, plumbing, & fire inspectors, and any other Authority Having Jurisdiction on the statutes, standards, regulations, legislation and fire codes that govern life safety responsibilities within the province of British Columbia, with a particular focus on Vancouver Island.

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The Vancouver Island Fire Protection Association is comprised of companies & other interested stakeholders that design, service, sell, and install, & inspect life safety systems on Vancouver Island.


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  • COVID-19 Updates
    Working our way through the pandemic, by staying kind, calm, and safe.
  • Standards, Regulations, and Legislated Codes
    Unless otherwise specified, the owner or the owner’s authorized agent shall be responsible for carrying out the provisions of this code.
  • BC Fire Code
    New standards impact Building Owners, Property Managers, and Fire Alarm Service Companies that provide the testing and reporting.
  • Canadian Court Cases of Note
    Court cases we're watching...and how they might affect YOU.

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Current Board of Directors

Colin Greenhalgh - Western Canada Fire Protection
Vice President
Murray Enders - Troy Life & Fire Safety
Tim Lindsay - Cantec Fire Systems
Kathleen Nicholas - Sterling Fire & Associates Inc.
Director at Large
Gord Miller - Northfort Fire & Life Safety

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